Making Beautiful and Scented Candles

If you plan to make candles that you would sell to people, I think you already know that your candles should have an appeal on people especially with its fragrance and burn characteristics. You can see a lot of ads on the television, magazines, newspapers that really encourages people to buy their scented candles. To make scented candles, the main ingredients that you need are essential oils and candle making fragrance.As we are talking about these essential oils we should know its contents that make the candles scented. An essential oil is a concentrated and a hydrophobic volatile liquid. These oils are also known as ethereal or volatile oils which would sound like these are dangerous to put in a candle.These are called as such because they carry an essence or unique fragrance of the plant. It is not only used in making scented candles but it also used in soaps, perfumes, incense, cosmetics and some food flavorings. Oils are also popularly used in aroma therapy.Some plants like peppermint, lavender, citrus plants and eucalyptus are good sources of oils. These oils are very strong but it will not work with the paraffin wax. Better characteristics of these oils are present with soy wax.Fragrance oils are synthetically blended. The oils used for this are diluted mineral, vegetable and oils. Sometimes, these oils are used in perfumes but are not considered as good as the essential oils. For candles, fragrance oils are better than essential oils.Using scent sticks made from fragrance oil is also a way to add fragrance to your candles. But many candle makers do not prefer scent sticks because they think they are substandard.A candle with scents gives a refreshing life. This will also make your house smells lovely. You can have many variations of this aromatic fragrance if you are resourceful to mix this different kind of oils.

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